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Image from Horizon' Magazine, September 1958. Volume 1, No 1. via Flickr

HORSE GIRLS, an anthology that reclaims the horse girl stereotype through personal stories that explore privilege, ambition, traditionally feminine and unfeminine desires, domestication, and wildness, will be published by Harper Perennial in 2021. The anthology will feature essays by Jane Smiley, Carmen Maria Machado, Adrienne Celt, Rosebud Ben-Oni, T Kira Madden, Courtney Maum, and Maggie Shipstead, and others.

Each essay will offer a unique perspective on what it means to be a “horse girl,” and how horses shape women’s lives. HORSE GIRLS will be inclusive of a wide range of perspectives, from writers of different regions, ages, economic backgrounds, physical ability, race, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Essays will represent a range of equestrian disciplines and riders of all levels—from aspiring, to hobbyists, to amateurs, to professionals—as well as those involved in the horse world that aren't necessarily riders.

Though there is very limited availability, I am currently considering pitches and completed drafts for inclusion in the anthology. I am particularly interested in essays that expand and challenge the accepted ideas about who is considered a horse girl, tell a compelling narrative based in personal experience, and position that narrative within a cultural context. While essay topics must have some connection to the term “horse girl” and all that it implies, writers of all gender expressions are welcome to submit.

While I am not requiring completed drafts, please submit one if you are able. Enquires may be sent to, or submitted through the form below.

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